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Jul 12, 2017

This Week: Your hosts Audy and Elvin are joined by their friends and fellow cinephiles,Bryant Foster and Warren James. First all four guys review Edgar Wright's new Heist/Comedy crime film 'Baby Driver' - Elvin, Warren and Bryant all give it a Hell Yeah because of its combination of visceral action scenes and usage of music, whereas Audy thought Edgar Wright was trying to hard to replicate Quentin Tarentino,and was a pale imitation to a much superior same genre movie 'Drive. Next Audy, conducts an exit survey of Baby Driver by asking questions to the rest of the panelists, such as exactly "On a scale of 1 to 10 how punchable is Ansel Egort's face?". Then Lastly, Warren, Audy and Elvin review the Columbia Pictures/Marvel Studios joint venture - "Spiderman: Homecoming. Warren and Elvin gave it a "Hell Yeah" review, while Audy gave it a "Hell No" and felt that Spider-man deserved a better movie than what was given with the disjointed action scenes, banal music score along with very rough amateur direction from Jon Watts. 

This week's guests hosts: 
1. Bryant Foster 
2. Warren James 

Film Ratings
Baby Driver - 2.0 stars and "Hell No" don't go see it! (Audy)
                    3.5 stars and "Hell Yeah" go see it! (Elvin) 
                    3.5 stars and "Hell Yeah" go see it! (Bryant) 
                    3.0 stars and "Hell Yeah" go see it! (Warren) 
Spider-Man: Homecoming - 2.5 and "Hell No" don't go see it (Audy) 
                                         3.5 and "Hell Yeah" go see it (Elvin) 
                                         3.0 and "Hell Yeah" go see it (Warren) 

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Oct 18, 2016

Episode 15: Audy and Elvin are back for the fall season and ready to get back into the swing of things! First off they review The Girl on the Train and tell you how long it takes for it to go off the rails. Audy wonders who in their right mind would buy a house with a railway that passes in the backyard. Next they split on Birth of a Nation. Elvin, gives it a "hell yeah" go see it, while Audy has mild trepidation with its moments of brilliance, but uneven film direction. Then, it's all about the latest Rogue One trailer. Audy has already deemed it the "greatest Jedi movie ever, not to star any Jedi", While Elvin feels this one could really separate itself from the other Star Wars films. Lastly, the fellas both give The Accountant a "hell yeah" rating, with Ben Affleck channeling his best Batman C.P.A. to offset the movie's failure to stick the landing after a superb start.

This Episode's Movie Ratings: 
The Girl on the Train - 1.5 out of 4 
Birth of Nation - 2.5 out of 4 
The Accountant - 2.5 out of 4 
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Aug 11, 2016

This week: Squad goals! And no we're not talking Taylor Swift! Your favorite movie critics discuss the Warner Bros/DC hype beast, Suicide Squad. Audy struggled with the disjointed film and internal decision-making turmoil that created the final cut between David Ayer and Warner Bros., while Elvin gave the film an unprecedented rating from the strong leads of Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Also, the fellas bring on their friend and fellow cinephile, Bryant Foster, to discuss if Suicide Squad delivered the anticipatory hype, what the next step for this franchise is, and where the hell the artist formally known as Joker was in the whole movie.

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Aug 1, 2016

This week your two favorite and handsome cinephiles split on Star Trek Beyond's episodically written, placid, action melodrama, but agree that while Matt Damon's Jason Bourne made a somewhat convincing comeback, it did nothing to reinvigorate the franchise with its predictable storyline. Next the fellas review 2016 San Diego Comic-Con and talk about the winners, losers and everything in between. Lastly, they decide if they want to answer the Ghostbusters' call to reboot worthiness behind Paul Feig's much needed improved upon direction. 

Jul 5, 2016
This episode - The fellas discuss the competent but failed social-parable expectations of The Purge: Election Day, then they give a big hell no! waste of time rating to the insufferable, over inflated, self-importance that Independence Day: Resurgence has for itself. Next guest host and resident horror film critic, Sulla Black from, stops by to discuss The Purge: Election Day's sloppily delivered political themes and breaks down the franchise's overall influence and what creative direction the next film should go. Finally, Audy and Elvin review the bizarre, bewildered, ambiguously gay duo of Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe's characters in the new movie, Swiss Army Man.
This week's guest: Sulla Black. You can follow him on twitter @sullablack and check out his website for his riffing B-Movie live tweeting events at
Dec 21, 2015

Movie review for Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Nov 15, 2015

Movie reviews for Spectre, The Assassin, Sicario

Oct 25, 2015

This episode, Audy Christianos and Elvin Jones disagree about the utilization of horror (or lack of thereof) that Guillermo Del Toro chose for the haunted estate in Crimson Peak, then try to determine just how stupid Vin Diesel’s nerd passion project, The Last Witch Hunter, really is. Lastly, they debate if Rosemary’s Baby is a deserved classic or flatly overrated.

Oct 21, 2015

Movie reviews for The Walk, The Martian, Beasts of No Nation

Oct 18, 2015

Movie reviews for The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Straight Outta Compton, American Ultra

Oct 4, 2015

Movie reviews for Ant-Man, Trainwreck, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation